The Safest Place to Sit on a Plane, Bus and Train

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In some cases, it might not matter where you are sitting if you are in a bad accident. Many accidents have survivors, however, and if you do your homework on seat choice, you will greatly increase your personal safety. The tips below will look at where is best to sit on a plane, bus and train.

Safest place to sit on a plane

Most airplane manufacturers and airlines will tell you that all seats are equally safe. But is this really true?

A Popular Mechanics study looked at all commercial airline crashes in the US since 1971. They were trying to determine whether any seat or seating area is safer than another. Their results showed that in most instances, the rear of the aircraft is far safer in the event of an accident or crash.

Planes provide the safest form of travel and there is no reason to be concerned if you are not sitting in the rear of the aircraft. But if you can select your seat, why not opt for the back?

Safest place to sit on a bus

Lots of people like to sit in the front of the bus, with that big panoramic view and a chance to see the road ahead. It might not be the best seat choice in terms of personal safety, however.

In the case of head on collisions, passengers sitting in the front will be lucky to survive. By the same token, passengers in the very rear rows are at risk if the bus is rear ended. The safest place to sit is towards the middle.

Window or aisle seat?

Sit in the aisle. In the case of an accident, a window seat puts you closer to glass shards and there is also a greater chance of getting ejected from the bus.

Safest place to sit on a train

Like planes, train accidents and crashes are extremely rare. In recent years, there have been several head-on train crashes that have caused a significant number of fatalities. Avoid the front of the train. Also, avoid the very rear of the train in the event that your train is rear ended.

Try to find a rear facing seat. In the event of a head on collision a rear facing seat will help prevent you from flying forward.

The chances of getting in an accident are slim

This article is not meant to scare you out of taking a flight or riding on a bus. Remember that accidents, even on buses, are rare and you do not need to be paranoid over your seat selection. The last thing we want to do is to discourage you from traveling. When you have a choice of seats, though, why not pick one that improves your safety and survival odds in the off-chance that there is an accident?

Have any tips of your own when it comes to seat choice on planes, buses or trains? Please share them in the comments below.

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