Tips for safely driving alone in Australia

safe driving Australia

Driving alone in a foreign country can be an intimidating idea for anyone. Driving the east–coast of Australia has become a frequent haunt for gap year students and travellers in general, though you may find yourself driving across vast expanses before you hit the next speck of civilization. So it’s important to know what you’re […]

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Discover Amsterdam’s Romantic Side this Spring

This is a guest post focused on a side of Amsterdam that most people don’t talk about. It’s not all hedonism and hangovers in the Dutch city of Amsterdam – in fact the city has a distinct romantic side that makes it the perfect destination for a getaway with the one you love. With so […]

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General Tips for Riding the Rails in France

tgv france

France has one of the most well established train networks in Europe. The system has been well maintained over the years and there are a variety of local, regional and even international trains that you can take. Navigating the network is also relatively easy to do if you keep the strategies below in mind. Have […]

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Handy Tips for Travelling with Pets

traveling with pets

If you can’t bear the thought of travelling the world without your best friend, you might want to consider bringing your pet along on your next holiday. However, travelling with pets can produce anxiety for both you and your furry friend without a little bit of planning ahead. There are a few steps you can […]

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New ways to track travel safety in real time

new ways to track travel safety

Several decades ago, planning a trip to somewhere potentially dangerous was a much more complicated affair. Information circulated at a much slower rate and you relied on reports in newspapers and magazines, and alerts from embassies and government sources. These days, lack of information is not the problem. Often, there is too much of it. […]

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How smart is your car?

smart car

In a great effort to improve road safety, recent progressions in driver-assist technology have given drivers renewed peace of mind on the roads. This technology includes GPS navigating, blind spot monitoring and night vision enhancement components. In addition, adaptive cruise controls and lane support systems have been created among many other elements to make your […]

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Where to go this Easter: Rhodes, Mexico and Geneva

copper canyon

Easter marks the start of spring and it’s the perfect time to get away and discover a new country. These destinations are well worth exploring during your Easter break. If you’re looking for cracking Easter holiday deals, the internet is the place to find them! Rhodes – nsurprisingly one of the most popular of the […]

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How I Plan for a Bus Trip

broken down bus

I’d like to think I have mastered the art of bus travel. After using this mode of transportation extensively in both South America and Africa, I think I am pretty darn close, anyway. In this post, I want to explain what has become a fairly meticulous routine when it comes to preparing for long haul […]

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Why You Should Consider an Affordable Weekend Trip

Thumbnail image for Why You Should Consider an Affordable Weekend Trip

Many people think of a vacation as something that lasts a week or longer. But, a weekend trip can be sufficient for what you need: a break from your routine and a chance to explore a completely different place. In fact, this kind of mini-vacation may be exactly what you need. Weekend city breaks have […]

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10 Indispensable Tips for your Next Trip

20 basic tips for travel

There are plenty of tip based posts related to travel, but this one will be specifically focused on keeping you safe. After reading this, you should have a few concrete ideas on how you can improve your safety before traveling. 1. Assemble all of your documentation beforehand You should have a variety of important documentation […]

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