Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Trip to St. Louis

There is so much to do and see in St. Louis, Missouri that it’s no wonder it’s such a popular tourist destination. Often called “The Gateway to the West,” St. Louis has historically been the starting point for adventurers wanting to explore the wide open expanses of the west. Over two hundred years have passed […]

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Why you should consider multi-trip travel insurance

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Travel insurance is an unfortunate, but necessary expense when travelling. While you may consider a travel insurance policy to be superfluous, especially if you are in good health, there are many reasons why you should not hesitate before purchasing a policy. Most important among them: you simply never know when an accident can happen, and […]

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The Allure of Exotic Gaming

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Having the Time of Your Life in Colombia’s Rockefeller Casino When it comes to travelling to South America, Colombia is definitely one of the prime locations to visit. In fact, now that most people have gotten over the unfair (and very wrong) association of the republic with Escobarian trade thanks to the Internet, Colombia is […]

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Driving in California

It may seem astonishing, but 1 out of every 50 Californians now owns a hybrid vehicle. In addition, one out of every four cars in Southern California has been made by Toyota. When you look at the statistics on emissions, it’s easy to understand why so many people are making the switch. If you haven’t […]

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A guide to getting around in Japan

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Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world, with a huge variety of things to see and do. With impossibly modern cities, a fascinating culture and some of the best food in the world, you could spend weeks or months on holiday here. What’s more, if you are really feeling like you […]

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Everything’s covered with an all inclusive holiday, but that doesn’t mean it costs a fortune!

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With budgets being stretched further and further these days, it’s only natural that eyes tend to lean towards the words ‘cheap’ or ‘bargain’ when booking luxuries such as holidays. However, what starts out as a low-cost deal can soon become more expensive than you expected. Once you’ve taken all the hidden costs into account – […]

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Express Kidnappings

Traveling around the world should be, and usually is a wonderful experience. Thousands of individuals travel safely without incident. The percentage of travelers that have come under criminal attacks is small but for those that have been attacked the experience can be a life-long scarring moment. It is a common trait that once an individual […]

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Travelling safely in Turkey


If you’re visiting Turkey for the first time there are a few preparations that you should make in order to ensure that you get the maximum pleasure from your trip. Here are five ideas for a great holiday. 1. Preparing you health for your travels to Turkey No one likes being ill on holiday and […]

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Combatting Jet Lag with Sad lights

jet lag

Jet lag seems to affect some people more than others. For me personally, jet lag can produce the highest order of misery. Once I get into that zone where being awake is actually painful, I begin to question my reason for travel in the first place. Lately, however, I have learned to manage jet lag […]

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Choosing the best first aid kit for your trip

first aid kit

There are many first aid kits on the market and it can be difficult to decide which one is best. In this article we will take a look at a few brands while also helping you to figure out the criteria that you should look for, depending on the nature of your trip. What do […]

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